THE BEST residency programme in Europe!

EU_CYCYPRUS currently has the quickest, most affordable & most attractive residency scheme in the EU – it’s their FAST TRACK Permanent Residency Programme!  

3 GENERATIONS in the same family qualify for immediate LIFE LONG residency permits in 4 – 6 weeks of making application, by buying a single property.  No other country in Europe offers this!

3 Generations qualify!

  • Family members who qualify on the same application:
  • the main applicant; AND
  • the spouse: AND
  • both the parents & the parents-in-law; AND
  • all dependent children up to the age of 25!!


CLICK HERE to download the detailed brochure, which highlights the benefits and qualifiers.

SEND ME A MAIL if you want more information on the total costs : legal fees, VAT etc.


MAIL ME for an in-depth comparative report looking at what the residency options in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain have to offer; and what each country requires ito investment to secure residency status.

ResidencyAcquiring residency in another country has become a sought-after status, as you have the legal right to reside indefinitely in that country; plus you can enjoy equal treatment with their nationals with regards to certain social elements. So you at any time, you and your family can pack up and go and live in that country, without having to go through an administrative nightmare to get there. You CAN realise your Plan B very easily!

The annual property costs are the costs involved in owning your property: rates, taxes, non-resident tax, personal tax etc. It is worth factoring these into the final purchase price of your property as these costs are ongoing for as long as you own the property.

In Cyprus you can secure finance (via an in-house finance option); all the other countries need to be cash-deals.

Isn’t it time you started planning your future, and seriously look at what Cyprus has to offer?

Cypriot Realty – working with you, to realise your Plan B in Europe!

Eu Passport


There are currently 3 ways to secure EU citizenship and therefore get an EU passport
Retire in Cyprus


As a retiree considering all of the options open to you in Europe- Cyprus ticks the boxes.
Finance to move to Cyprus


Live and work in Cyprus and enjoy the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU.
Properties in Cyprus


We arrange personalised property inspection trips across to Cyprus to view properties and opportunities.

Get information today about becoming an EU Citizen

To acquire an EU passport (i.e. become a citizen of the EU) is not a short and easy process; and as a South African passport holder, Cypriot Realty can help you.