As a retiree considering all of the options open to you in Europe, some of the aspects that will
probably sway you include:

  • Being part of an english-speaking community (and somewhere where there are South Africans too!)
  • No fear for your personal safety (i.e. low/no crime)
  • Access to affordable, 1st-world medical facilities & practitioners
  • High standard of living
  • Low cost of living
  • Mild weather
  • Easy & cheap access to the rest of Europe
  • Outdoor activities and social clubs
  • Tax friendly (and no inheritance tax!)
  • In Cyprus ALL of these boxes – and many more! – can be ticked!

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Eu Passport


There are currently 3 ways to secure EU citizenship and therefore get an EU passport

Retire in Cyprus


As a retiree considering all of the options open to you in Europe- Cyprus ticks the boxes.

Finance to move to Cyprus


Live and work in Cyprus and enjoy the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU.

Properties in Cyprus


We arrange personalised property inspection trips across to Cyprus to view properties and opportunities.

Get information today about retiring to Cyprus


To acquire an EU passport (i.e. become a citizen of the EU) is not a short and easy process; and
as a South African passport holder.