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Wine Tasting in Cyprus

Cyprus has a long history of wine production and has been in the forefront of wine production for many centuries. The island has fifteen indigenous varieties of grape; of which the Mavro and Xynisteri are the main varieties. There are also numerous wine routes throughout all of the regions of Cyprus, each one influencing the taste buds with their unique lends, geography and topography and wine-making practises.

One of the most renowned is the dark dessert wine called COMMANDARIA. It is the oldest name in the world for wine and dates back to Richard the Lionheart and the Knights Templar. It is unique because the origin of the vines spans across 14 villages and the method of production includes spreading the grapes in the sun to dry and condense their natural sweet flavours. So whether you are an avid wine connoisseur, curious about wine production, a keen historian or just someone wanting to taste Cypriot wines, there is plenty for the wine tourist to sample and experience. Wine tasting in Cyprus is part of the culture.

Yiamas (Cheers)!

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