EU Passport.

Cyprus’ 2nd Citizenship programme – open for a limited time

Citizenship programme.


More and more people around the world want to acquire dual citizenship to assure their family’s future by protecting themselves against political risk and economical instability. The benefit of having an EU passport offers you and your family the unique opportunity enjoying unlimited access to the whole of Europe & the UK – you all have complete freedom of movement in all European countries and visa-free travel to more than 169 countries.

Cyprus’ “Citizenship by Investment” programme, is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get EU passports for the whole family:

  • you will all get your EU passports in 6 months of making application!
  • The main applicant, the spouse and ALL dependent children up to 28 years of age qualify.

Citizenship through Investment programme.

Cypriot Realty

The “Citizenship through Investment” programme is a 3-year investment, NOT a donation:

  • Purchase either a single residential property or a portfolio of propertiesfor min €2Million (+VAT)
  • You CAN rent out the property/ies
  • Only need to keep the investment for min 3 years:
    • then can sell it off; 
    • BUT a property worth at least €500k must be retained
  • No need to live in Cyprus – ever!
  • Citizenship is passed on by descent – offering a legacy to future generations!

How Cypriot Realty will assist.

Cypriot Realty

  • Recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialists, promoting CYPRUS as an ideal destination for acquiring permanent residency / citizenship, property investment, immigration / retirement and starting an EU-based business – we understand investor’s needs.
  • Being in operation for more than 10 years, we have an impressive track record of assisting many clients in finding their perfect home, assisting in facilitating the citizenship & permanent residency application process and also in the physical relocation to Cyprus.
  • We arrange personalised property inspection trips across to Cyprus to view properties opportunities, set up meetings with attorneys, the bank, schools etc. in Cyprus; and offer a full turnkey service to make your experience pleasant and memorable.

Protect yourself, your family and your assets from unpredicted events by taking advantage of the opportunity to secure EU citizenship before the programme closes: it is open for a very limited time.

Think of your dual citizenship as guaranteeing your & your family’s future – don’t regret not securing this when you had the chance!

MAIL ME for more info on some of the investment options and the detail on how this works.

In 3 month’s time, your sound financial investment will tangibly benefit your family for generations to come!

Isn’t it time you started planning your future, and seriously look at what Cyprus has to offer?

Cypriot Realty – working with you, to realise your Plan B in Europe!


Pack your bags, your off to Cyprus on a 5-day property inspection trip to investigate securing your Plan B in Europe!

Accompany us on one of our pre booked tours for 2019; or arrive at your diary convenience.

We look forward to hosting you in Cyprus soon.