THE BEST residency programme in Europe!


CYPRUS currently has the quickest, most affordable & most attractive residency scheme in the EU – it’s their FAST TRACK Permanent Residency Programme!

Finance programme.

Cypriot Realty

At Cypriot Realty we are recognised and respected as authoritative investment specialists, promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring permanent residency, property investment,  immigration / retirement and starting an EU-based business – we understand investor’s needs. 

Being in operation for more than 13 years, we have an impressive track record of assisting many investors in finding their perfect home, assisting in facilitating the permanent residency application process and also in the physical relocation to Cyprus. We run seminars which will assist you in working on how you will finance the relocation.

We can advise you on the best options to secure finance; and assist you with introducing you to the providers who have solutions to your needs.

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Join us at our next information seminars to hear more about THE BEST EU Permanent Residency and investment opportunities in CYPRUS.

We’ll be sharing the latest information on why Cyprus is a secure investment and how you can realise Your Plan B in Europe!