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Outdoors in Cyprus.

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cyprus Activities


The Cyprus countryside is a haven for a variety of activities due to the varied landscape, climatic conditions and the short distances within the various regions.

Hiking and rambling enthusiasts can enjoy over 70 trails and each trail is clearly indicated in terms of difficulty to ensure no unforeseen mishaps.

Cyclists have a large spectrum of routes to enjoy – from crunching tyres on gravel through the forests to breathtaking scenes on the sea front, there is a vista to suite everyone.

Horse Riders can take advantage of the hidden secrets of the Cyprus landscape with many stables located on the island and a route for any competence.

Anglers have their pick of location! From any of the 21 reservoirs with 17 species of fish, the island’s policy of catch and release ensures that all anglers have a successful day.

Skiing and snowboarding in the Troodos mountains is a firm favourite in winter. The snowboarding season runs from December to March; and 4 main ski runs ranging from novice to experienced.


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